Here’s Why Your Hair Takes Forever to Dry When You Do Twist Outs

Here’s Why Your Hair Takes Forever to Dry When You Do Twist Outs

You set your hair in twists or braids and your ready to have some boss results only to find your hair has still not dried even though you waited forever to take down your set. Yes, you are not alone! There is a reason why your hair takes forever to dry and there is a simple solution to resolve.

Most likely the case is you have low porosity hair.

Low porosity hair is considered healthy, but there is only one major problem…it repels moisture. This leaves you with wet head even though you have waited countless hours for it to dry.

Luckily to resolve this issue it is quite simple: style your hair when it is damp.

If you style and set soaking wet hair you will probably wait eons and still find some wet sections of hair when you opt to air dry. So before you add your products and begin twisting drain your hair of excess water, you can use an old t-shirt (this is more gentle on your hair and helps with reducing frizz).

The goal is to get your hair to that perfect medium of not being too saturated with water and not being bone dry.

Once you have rid your hair of the excess water you can then proceed to adding in your products and styling. Since low porosity hair is prone to buildup don’t go so heavy on the protein products, it can lead to buildup and stiff hair.

Products with humectants are great for low porosity hair because they help your hair hold onto moisture.

My favorite product with humectants is Shea Moisture Curling Souffle (it’s no wonder I love this stuff as I have low porosity hair).

When you find yourself really in a shortage of time, blow dry your hair using the hair diffuser attachment to help your hair dry evenly. If you do not want to use heat, no worries use the cool blast option on your dryer, trust me it works just as well without the harsh drying affects.

In order to have a good twist/braid out result you need your hair to be fully dry once you remove your set, otherwise it will be a big fail. So if this has been happening to you, now you have the knowledge to help prevent your twist outs from bombing out from frizz.

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  1. I’m researching how to care for locs when you have low porosity hair. I’m trying to prevent build up and dryness.

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