Reader Question: Why is My Hair so Hard to Comb?

hard to comb hairReader Candy asks:

“Hey I just started my hair journey about 6 month ago but my new growth is very thick and impossible to comb even while using a wide tooth comb and my hair is breaking from the root I really need help and advice of what I can do”.

Candy it sounds like you need to have an understanding of how to properly detangle natural hair. With natural hair you want to make sure that when you are combing you are starting from the ends of your hair and then working your way up to the root. This may sound awkward especially if you are use to wearing straight hair and you have been combing from the root down, but this actually the correct way of combing kinky curly hair types.

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You also want to make sure your limiting the amount of times that you comb or manipulate your hair in general. On average I only comb my hair once a week, (see my hair regimen)and if I really need to comb my hair throughout the week, I use my fingers to do all the work. Finger combing is more gentle on the hair because you are able to feel tangles and snags that you can’t feel when you are using a comb.

Lastly, and most importantly always make sure that your hair is dampened before combing. If you attempt to comb through dry hair, combing your hair will seem impossible! When you have moisture in your hair from water and or a product getting through your hair will be a lot more easy. Not to mention, this will reduce some of the breakage that you are experiencing.

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6 thoughts on “Reader Question: Why is My Hair so Hard to Comb?

  1. Your kinky hard to comb hair sounds just like mine. Thick coarse kinky dry hair is the worst to comb out when it is not nourished with essential oils and not moistened while combing it out. Try to always use a co-wash (conditioning wash) which is unlike shampoos that contain sulfates. Pantene has an excellent co-wash. There is also a product that is something like Wen but it is not the same brand and is not nearly as expensive, it is by Lisa Rachel called a conditioning & cleanse. Sulfate and detergent laced shampoos strip the hair and are extremely harsh on black hair. Even after using a conditioning cleanse, condition it again. Look for products that don’t contain alcohol which are drying agents. Many products that are suppose to be good for black hair just aren’t. After you wash your hair and it is still very damp, even while the conditioner is in, comb it out gently in the shower. Then gently part sections and add warmed shea butter or coconut oil. Twist your hair all over and let it air dry. When you wash your hair again, leave the twist in and wash it right with the twist in. You will be amazed how easy your hair is to comb out. Take your time and learn to love your hair and use good products that work for you. Try to get your hands on some pure shea butter. Heat it up and put in on your hair warm as you section off the twist. Your hair will be soft and it will grow like weeds. Cover it up with a wig or a cute scarf when you are going out of the house if you don’t want to be bothered with it. Just don’t over work it by combing it all the time. Once a week wash and gently comb it out, twist it up, or wear twist outs after a day or so, then repeat the process and you will learn to love your hair!

    1. Thanks Ariane. Lisa, thanks for your comment. I think I have the same issue discussed here: I am almost 6 months post-big chop, have 4c hair and it’s not easy to comb. Is there a problem with washing daily? My hair is about 3.5 inches long and I wash daily because of time constraints. I therefore have to get a comb in it everyday – or else it will coil and snap in. I tried a true wash and go – it turned out nice but somehow I get headaches with that. I have tried twist-outs too but the problem is maintaining it through out the week. I guess there is no easy way around it.

  2. Awesome advice above from Ms. Lisa!!! I would also add to check your diet and try increasing your water intake as well.

  3. I found that the perm on my ends caused my hard-to-comb-through hair. When i finally cut all the perm off; my hair changed!! My hair was free; it was no longer fighting with the relaxed hair.

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