Change it Up With Lace Front Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Edges and Actually Protecting Your Hair

Change it Up With Lace Front Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Edges and Actually Protecting Your Hair

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Sometimes as a woman you want something different, something spicy and a wig is a protective style that can give you the change you are looking for. Maybe you want to try a bob hairstyle but don’t actually want to cut your hair. Or perhaps you want a sleek look, but you don’t want to use any heat on your real hair. Rather than making a drastic change in color, using heat or chemicals lace front wigs give you the option to experiment.

Giving your hair a break with a wig will allow your hair to experience so much growth, but improper application of this style option can land you with some damage as well. In particular some women get thinning edges as a result of styling with wigs and sometimes their hair is worse than before they used this as a protective style option.

However,  this damage is 100% preventable. I have successfully used wigs many times before to grow my hair to long lengths.

Hair Vivi Lace Front Wig

Style by HairVivi

Follow these steps to avoid damage to your hair, benefit from protective styling and let your hair thrive:

Step 1: Give your hair a lot of moisture and TLC before you tuck her away.

Spend some time shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning and then moisturizing prior to wearing your new wig.

Step 2: Chill! Don’t put too much tension on your strands.

Yes, braids look nice when they are tight but when they are overly tight they literally pull your hair out and lead to traction alopecia. Underneath your wig try two strand twisting your real hair instead of super tight cornrows. This will help your hair to flourish rather than wither away under your wig.

Step 3: Invest in a quality wig that will give you long wear and doesn’t require the use of glue.

Many lace front wigs require that you glue them down to secure them and give them a more natural look. The problem with this is, you are sacrificing your edges. The edges of hair often times are the most fragile part and it doesn’t take much to cause damage. You don’t have to put your edges at risk. Did you know that you can slay with a glueless wig? Yes, there are actually options that are ready to wear out of the box without any need for glue.

glueless lace front wig

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There are lace front wigs that even come with the baby hairs already set in place so there is no need for you to worry about cutting or geling anything down.

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Step 4: Still care for you real hair.

With the convenience of a glorious wig, it is easy to forget about what lies underneath. Make sure you are still moisturizing daily and wrapping your hair at night. Cleanse and condition your hair when it’s time to do so, don’t prolong it. In cooler weather you may want to cleanse every 2-3 weeks instead of weekly so you retain more moisture, depending on your routine and what you find works best for your hair.

You can get that new look you have been dying to try using lace front wigs without the worry of causing damage to your hair. In fact, you get amazing growth by allowing your hair to be left in a low manipulation environment. Just make sure you follow the steps above and happy styling!

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  1. Hi I have been reading your articles on natural hair have a while now. I have been natural for close to 2 years plus but I noticed that my hair doesn’t seem to growing. I have struggled with thining edges for quite a long time even though I do not braid my hair. Most products I have tried have not helped. My hair is also very light. Can you tell me how I can recover my edges and get my hair thicker? I look forward to your response. Thank you

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