Try This! Flaxseed Hair Gel Recipe With Better Hold and No Flakes

For quite some time now, I’ve been a true believer in the beauty of flaxseed gel as a viable solution for frizzy hair that lacks curl definition. What’s not to love about it? Among other benefits, flaxseeds contain omega 3 oils which are absolutely wonderful for all types of hair. Naturally, then, it goes without saying that flaxseed gel is miles ahead of any commercially produced hair gels that are drying to the hair.

Up to this point, though, I’ve always had two issues with DIY flax seed gel for hair:

#1 First, the hold only lasted for a few days, and that was a problem for me because I’m not able to wash my hair every three days or so.

#2 Secondly, it always left a cast on my hair and was pretty flaky. I don’t know if it’s because my hair is low porosity hair or what, but the flakes were always inevitable.

With one modification, I was able to resolve both of these issues.

I ran across a you tube video by Rachel that talked about adding marshmallow root to the flaxseed gel mixture. This herb is really hard to find in bulk amounts in most local stores, so I decided to order it online. Well, when I got the product in and followed the recipe from the video, I realized that the marshmallow root tremendously increased the hold of the gel. The consistency of it was still slimy as before, but the hold was out of this world! It works beautifully on my daughter’s 4a texture hair, and her curls were defined and exceptionally shiny for at least a full week. It looks like I’ve struck gold with this mixture!

This is a variation of Rachel’s recipe that I used:


First boil water, then add flaxseeds and marshmallow root. Cook for an additional 7-10 minutes. Remove from heat and then strain. Finally, add honey and blend thoroughly and allow to cool. Your gel is ready for use!

No more flakes and better hold!

As for the flaking, I now use pure Shea Butter on the hair before adding the flaxseed gel, but you can also use coconut oil or any other oil that you prefer. The result? No more flakes! Liquid oils can also be mixed into the gel instead of being used before the gel application. It’s all up to you. At any rate, I’ve finally figured out my flaxseed gel problem, and I hope that this works for you too.

Remember always store your DIY natural hair products in the refrigerator. Since preservatives are not being used if not refrigerated your mixture WILL become the home of bacteria. More about Keeping your DIY Natural Hair Products Safe.

5 thoughts on “Try This! Flaxseed Hair Gel Recipe With Better Hold and No Flakes

  1. I have been struggling with finding a gel to hold this very kinky/coily 4c hair. I made the flax seed gel a few times but the hold is not what I need. I have 2 questions: 1. I have marshmallow root capsules – can I open and use these? 2. I do a lot of baking and use Fruit Fresh to prevent fruit from browning. I was thinking of adding to the gel, to increase the shelf life. Thoughts?

  2. I didn’t realize that marshmallow root would add hold! Thanks for sharing.
    Have you ever tried adding aloe vera juice to your flaxseed gel? Just wondering.
    It gives a lot shine also.

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