3 Reasons You Have Dry Hair Even After Moisturizing

3 Reasons You Have Dry Hair Even After Moisturizing

by Kerone Maxineau (natural hair blogger at www.lumynexessentials.com, Author, and an Occupational Therapist)

Moisturized your hair, but your tresses still seem thirsty? Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Lack of deep conditioning your hair. Weekly deep conditioning or deep conditioning on your wash days can help with dryness.
  2. You may have product build up on the hair strands, deposits of hard water, or chlorinated water that needs to be clarified. This will prepare the hair to receive moisture from the hair.
  3. Using products that do not provide moisture. Styling products, such as foams, gels, and curling custards are not moisturizing products. They are not formulated to provide a sustainable benefit. They are formulated to provide definition and hold. Instead, use moisturizing products with water as its first ingredients and contains moisturizing ingredients.

Also, your hair may not tolerate certain ingredients, such as alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, and sulfates that can promote dryness if your hair care regimen does not create balance to combat against their effects. Do not wash hair in hot water as this will dry

your hair and scalp. Wash with lukewarm water or cool water. Here are some things that you could do to help your hair stay moisturized.

The LOC Method LOC method is a technique of product layering that you use in your hair to help to retain hairs moisture for a longer duration.

1)L” is for liquid. It can be water or a leave-in moisturizer

2)O” is for oil. Select an oil of your choice, such as olive oil. You then layer oil on top of your leave-in.

3)C” is for cream. This is any hair butter that is a thick consistency. Butters or hair creams that you have for your hair care regimen. You would layer lastly on your hair. By layering your hair in this order with products in the LOC method, this is helping you to keep your hair moisturized longer.

Natural oils, hair butter, such as whipped mango or shea butter; and moisturized creams act as sealants to lock in the water longer in your hair.

Last and not least avoid too much product build up. Whatever products we use, even natural ingredients. It can and will build up, especially when used heavily often and daily. Make sure to wash hair with low sulfate to sulfate free shampoo weekly or biweekly. If you have increased buildup, then a regular shampoo to a clarifying is needed to totally remove all dirt and oil from the hair and scalp. Be sure to use a deep conditioner afterwards to re-moisturize hair.  Buildup can lead to hair dryness because moisture is not getting into the strand.

About the Author  

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Kerone Maxineau is a natural hair blogger, Author, and an Occupational Therapist. Knowing the issues, she wanted to inspire Afro-textured hair women who may have trouble on how to care for their hair.

This ultimate guide will assist you to reach your goal of having beautiful and healthy growing hair. You do not need to be a pro to overcome the struggles of Afro-textured hair. But you do need to know the basics to apply and develop a regimen that works best for you

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  1. Great tips! I have definitely experienced dryness due to product build up. I normally cowash, and have found that shampooing periodically helps.

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