Crochet Braids (See These Shortcuts!) Make Them Even Easier Than They Already Are

Crochet Braids are the best way to achieve a number of curly to braided looks without spending all day on your hair. For  instance, typically box braids take up to 8 hours to achieve but with crochets, you only spend up to three hours for the same look. There are some shortcuts that you can take that will make crochet braids even less time consuming than it already is:

Use pre-curled or pre-braided hair

You can buy hair at your local beauty supply or online that comes already prepared to install. You don’t have to worry about braiding or rodding your hair once it’s in, just crochet in and go.

Pre-curl or braid the hair before your install if you don’t buy the hair already prepared

It goes by so much faster and you will have more control if you prepare your hair before you crochet. For curly styls you can avoid the risk of burning yourself altogether if you curl your extensions before they go on your head.

Skip the complex braiding patterns unless absolutely necessary

In most cases you are completely fine with doing 8 to 10 straightback cornrows as your foundations. Of course there are certain scenarios where a more specific pattern is required for the most natural look, but if it isn’t needed keeping it simple it is completely fine.

Work with hair that has been freshly washed, conditioned and detangled

You want your hair to be easy to get through so the process can go by smoothly. Being that you may be wearing your crochets up to a month or more, it’s important that you start with with a clean slate and treat your hair before you tuck it away for so long.

Get Creative & Try New Methods!

New methods are developed all the time. Like the above method for installing faux locs. Traditionally people would install box braid extensions (spending up to 8 hours to install) and then wrap additional extensions around the braid extensions to create the look of locs. Now you can get the same look and save over half of the time.

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