10 Tips for Choosing the Best Natural Hair Products for You

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Natural Hair Products for You
Choose the Best Natural Hair Products

It’s frustrating trying product after product only for it to be a total fail. Here are some tips for discovering your holy grail:

#1 It’s more than texture
It’s good to know your hair type because it will provide you with a starting point for the best care practices and what types of products are likely to be best suited for your hair. However, there are many other factors some, which are even more important than hair type that will effect the results you get with different products you try.

#2 Know your hair porosity
Hair porosity measures how your hair absorbs and retains moisture. So if you are looking to keep moisture in your hair, it’s super important to know this! Find out your porosity type now.

#3 Your hair’s health
Hair that is damaged will have different needs from healthy hair. Hair that is damaged may also be porous, making
products rich in protein more ideal whereas on the other end of the spectrum, protein products may make healthy hair stiff and dry.

#4 Understanding the proper usage of products
Often oils and butters are mistaken for moisturizers. Water and water based products are moisturizers. Oils and butters are used sealing in moisture and preventing moisture loss. While some stylers are moisturizing, some a are specifically for styling. When you understand the proper usage of products you are going to set the right expectations and get more satisfying results.

#5 Get what is necessary
Every natural needs a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and a sealant (oil or butter). Styling products are optional depending on how you prefer to wear your hair.

#6 Consider the styles you like to wear
If you love to wear braided extension styles often then including a light moisturizing spray product in your regimen will be a good fit. If you prefer set styles like roller sets a styling product like a setting foam is a must have. Wash n go’s require a good gel that will define your curls and give you hold.

#7 Be an Educated Consumer
Start learning about which product ingredients are the most beneficial and which are not going to be the best for your hair’s health.

#8 Pay Attention to The First 5
A product may sound good at first because it may emphasize on the packaging that the product is filled with nutrients, but if those ingredients are not listed within the first 5 of the ingredients list it may not give you the results you are expecting.

#9 Choose Products that Work With the Climate you Live in
If you live in a region where you have seasonal changes you will need to change your products depending on the weather. Some product ingredients are good to use at certain times and not others. Glycerin for example, will have you looking super frizzy if use a product that contains this during humid weather, in other climates it may be your best friend.

#10 Price (You Don’t Have to Go Broke)
In the beginning you are going to have some hits and a lot of misses. There really is no avoiding some trial and error, so in the beginning you will invest. However, once you find what works you can make going natural economical for you.

3 thoughts on “10 Tips for Choosing the Best Natural Hair Products for You

  1. My girlfriend has been wondering what kind of hair care products she should be using. You mentioned that learning about the product ingredients and which are the most beneficial, especially in regards to your specific hair type. She has rather thick hair and I’ll be sure to recommend she look for ingredients to help that kind of hair. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I found it very useful how you mentioned about finding out which ingredients in the hair products are the most beneficial for the hair health. My sister has long hair which looks unhealthy, I’ll definitely share with her this useful information in order to help her find the best hair care.

  3. It’s good to know that you can have a starting point when you know your hair type. My cousin was telling me last night about how she feels like her hair is very damaged from all the heat she has used on it throughout the years, and that she wants to find good products that can help it become healthy again. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her as she searches for hair products to get.

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