Can’t Grip Those Roots? Try Box Braids Using the Rubberband Method

If you have braiding basics down, but still haven’t quite mastered getting the right grip to apply your skills to braid extensions, the rubberband method may be for you. It allows you to have that tight neat look and while you are braiding you don’t have to worry about other sections getting in your way and messing up your parts. Here’s what you need to do to use this method:

#1 Stretch your hair before styling

You can blowdry your hair if you are short on time or use natural heat free ways to stretch your hair.

#2 Use a good gel or pomade

Gel or a pomade will give your roots a good hold and that smooth look.

#3 Section your hair and secure

Section your hair into as many parts as you would like and secure the sections at the root with a rubberband.

#4 Begin braiding

Add the extension hair to each section until your whole head is complete.

When it’s time to remove your braids keep this in mind!

Rubberbands can be damaging to the hair, especially if you pull them through your hair. To remove the rubberbands without the risk of damage lift the rubberband up with a bobby pin or the end of a rat tail comb, then take some scissors and cut the rubberband off.  Take your time throughout the removal process and do it on a day where you don’t have to rush.

Your hair is a fiber which can be either damaged or preserved, and once you damage it that’s that. So be patient when it’s time to take out those braids.

9 thoughts on “Can’t Grip Those Roots? Try Box Braids Using the Rubberband Method

  1. I just got the rubber band method done…and it’s really tight…is there a way I can loosen it…without messing the whole style up..if not how long will it be this tight..??

      1. That happened to me to a braid or two and you couldn’t tell when you looked at it since the rubber band gets concealed while braiding. The braid was still secure as well. This method makes life so much easier.

  2. if you do the rubberband method it depends on how tight you make the rubberband in your hair. by doing the rubberband method you braids will stay fresh longer. it is very easy to take down just take the hair out then cut the rubberband being careful not to cut your hair, but do not pull the rubberband down or you will be pulling your hair out.

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