All About Ghana Braids + See This 4 Minute Tutorial

New to learning about Ghana Braids? Don’t worry if you are late to the party! Learn all about what Ghana Braids are, what supplies you will need and how to achieve this look.

Breanna Rutter of shows us a look at this process in a 4 minute tutorial!

What are they? What is the difference between Ghana Braids and Cornrow Extensions?

At first glance Ghana Braids may just look like regular cornrow extensions, but there is a little more to this braiding technique than what meets the eye. Ghana Braids start off really small at the edges of the hair and gradually get larger due to the looping method that is used. Traditional cornrow extensions have a noticeable loop at the edges of the hair where the cornrow starts, in comparison Ghana Braids do not have this giving it a more natural look. Cornrow extensions have the same amount of hair throughout the entire section, whereas Ghana Braids start off using a small amount of extension hair and larger sections of hair are added to the braid for a more full look.

What you need to get started!

Note: You must know how to do regular cornrow extensions prior to doing Ghana Braids otherwise you may have some difficulty.

How this look is achieved

You start off the way you would a regular cornrow extension only adding a really small amount of extension hair first, beginning at the very edge of your hair. Then you after you have braided the hair down (Breanna braids down 11 times in her tutorial) you will add a larger section of extension hair to the braid that is about 30% bigger than the hair you started with.

If you need something a little more in depth, here is the full length DVD tutorial for how to do Ghana Braids.

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