Check Your Flow Chart, It Might Be Time to Find a Stylist for Your Natural Hair

Check Your Flow Chart, It Might Be Time to Find a Stylist for Your Natural Hair

Everyone should have their hair evaluated by a professional stylist at minimum a couple of times a year. Yes, natural hair can be managed mostly on your own but you should still have a go to trustworthy source you can rely on to maintain the health of your hair.

One of the main reasons to go is for a professional trim. Use this flow chart to see if it’s about that time.

You should be trimming your hair at least every 3 to 4 months to remove split ends. Stylists generally have better quality scissors (dull scissors can make split ends worse). A licensed professional also will do a better job of removing damaged ends more thoroughly. Trimming hair will make styling more easy and most importantly will enable you to grow healthy hair.

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Here are other occasions when it is a good idea to consider a stylist appointment:

Your hair is badly damaged

Stylist can help you take steps to revive severely damaged hair by giving you a trim or cut to remove damage, deep conditioning and a professional strength protein treatment. If your hair is thinned out and never seems to grow it is failing to thrive, you need to seek professional guidance.

You want to make a drastic change using color or heat

Whether you want to color your hair, use heat or do both this is a good time to find a professional to do it for you. Both of these options put a lot of strain on your hair. To keep your hair in the best shape and prevent damage achieve the look you want by going to the salon.

You aren’t the best at styling your hair

So maybe you have gotten your natural hair care routine on point but you still have a ways to go when it comes to actually styling your hair. That’s perfectly fine, especially if it is all new to you it may take you some time to master the different styles that you like. In the meantime, have someone hook you up, watch and learn!

About Swivel Beauty

  • Swivel was started by two black women in NYC because we were tired of the struggle that comes with finding a hairstylist (for natural or relaxed hair). We created Swivel to take a woman from looking to booking the right stylist for her in just a few clicks.
  • We have more than 350 stylists on the platform, primarily in NYC, Chicago, and the DC/MD area. We’re expanding rapidly to new cities, and women can join our waitlist to tell us where to launch next!
  • We have over 500 reviews on the app, all organized by hair type so women can read reviews from women with hair like theirs.

I absolutely love the Swivel app! For years I struggled with finding a stylist that could consistently work with my texture and deliver a top salon experience. I would have never found my stylist without the Swivel app and I will continue to be a very loyal customer because they make it so easy and the talent on the app is unparalleled! This was missing in the market for so long and I’m really glad it exists because the textured hair struggle is TOO REAL!

– Chanel

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