The Comb is the #1 Cause of Hair Loss and Lack of Growth in Kinky Curly Hair Textures

Did you know that your comb and how you use it is a big part of why your natural hair won’t grow? Aside from moisture issues, the manipulation of your hair is one of the top reasons that you are not seeing progress. Especially in the beginning most naturals comb their hair all wrong. This is because they are use to combing straight hair.

Here’s how you should be combing

More seasoned naturals are well aware that you should be combing your hair from the ends and then working your way up to the root with combs and brushes designed for textured hair. When you comb from the root to the ends, curly hair encounters a lot of tangles, causes you discomfort and ultimately breakage.

Just be gentle

We have to treat our hair really delicately because it is fragile due to the structure of the hair strand. This is why some naturals prefer to finger detangle rather than comb to groom their hair, as it results in less breakage and discomfort.

If you are not seeing growth, make sure you are being very gentle with your hair when you maintain it. Aside from combs you also want to greatly reduce how often you brush as well. Brushing too often will rip away at your strands and give you tons of split ends. For sleek style opt to use a moisturizing hair gel and wrap your hair tightly with a silk or satin scarf to smooth your hair down.

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