Why You Should Use a T-Shirt or Microfiber Hair Towel to Dry Your Curls

Why You Should Use a T-Shirt or Microfiber Hair Towel to Dry Your Curls

If you are reading this, then you are probably someone who uses a towel to dry your hair. For many people this is the only way they know to dry their hair after a shower.  However, regular towels aren’t that great at absorbing a lot of moisture and can cause unwanted breakage to your hair. Have no fear, there are two alternatives that can both dry and protect your curls. A microfiber hair towel and a regular old t-shirt. I know you know what a t-shirt is but you may not be as familiar with a microfiber towel. A microfiber is a fiber smaller than 1 denier—approximately 1/5 of a human hair. Microfiber towels, because of their construction, cause no snags and are great at soaking up a lot of moisture which make them safer for your hair.

Absorbs moisture faster

Microfibers are super absorbent. The fibers can hold up to 7 times their weight in water making perfect for drying your hair. They also dry quicker, almost 4 times as fast as a regular towel. T-shirts are also a great option. They might not dry as fast as microfiber towels but they do a good job at soaking up all the moisture from your hair without water dripping down your neck as you try to get ready.

Less frizz

Because t-shirts and microfiber towels are more absorbent than regular towels you don’t have to rub your hair to get it dry. Because of this you are reducing the frizz making for smoother, more defined styles.

Less breakage

For the same reasons these methods cause less frizz is why they also reduce breakage. Breakage happens when your hair gets tangled in the fibers of a regular towel causing the hair to snag and break off. Both microfiber and t-shirt fabric have a tighter weave preventing snagging making them safer choices for your hair.

No lint left behind

Another upside to using these two alternatives is no more lint. Because of the rubbing motion you do to dry your hair with a regular towel lint from the towel often get stuck in your curls. Considering you just washed your hair this can be a pain. Because of the small fiber diameter and tight weave of microfiber and t-shirt fabric no lint is transferred to your hair, leaving your curls fuzz free and ready for styling.

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