Big Chop Again! Signs it’s Time to Get a Fresh Start

Big Chop Again! Signs it’s Time to Get a Fresh Start

There are many naturals out there who find that they need to have second time around with what is called the “big chop”. Here are signs that’s time to take a leap and start anew:

#1 Your hair has become impossible to manage and style
The strategies that once effectively moisturized your hair no longer seem to work, frizz is out of control and styling techniques fall flat it may be time for a cut. When you have a lot of damage your hair will tangle more easily and the style results are usually not the best.

#2 You have severe hair damage

Unfortunately once your hair has been badly damaged the only thing you can do to repair it is to removed the damaged hair. This can be a result of a bad case of breakage, heat damage (leading to the permanent straightening of your strands) or chemical damage. Depending on the extent of the damage,  sometimes it calls for a big chop to get your hair back on track. See through ends, split ends and excessive knots are all signs that at the very least you need a cut. Breakage is another sign of damage that indicates you should start fresh, for a healthier look and to improve length retention. You will know you have breakage if one section of your hair is extremely shorter than other sections of your hair.

#3 Your hair just doesn’t have the same fullness it once had

Most likely you have a case of the splits. It may not call for you to go back to a TWA, but the shorter you go the healthier it will grow back in.

#4 Longer hair is just too much work

Long hair looks amazing, but longer hair also means more of a time investment. Whereas short natural hair is way easier maintenance wise. Wash day is no longer an all day event and styling doesn’t have to take hours of your time. Short hair may be the perfect option if you are a busy college student, workaholic or a new mommy that doesn’t have the luxury of time anymore.

#5 You just need change

They say a woman who cuts her hair changes her life. It’s true! If you want it, go for it and let yourself feel free.

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