Bad Hair 2020 Film Hulu Original Review – Should You Watch It?

*Some spoilers about the movie’s plot are in this review

Bad Hair is a Hulu Original cheesy horror film that tackles some of black women’s deepest hair issues. The story is set in the late 80’s and centers in on Anna a young budding professional seeking to elevate her career in television.

When most of us think of black women’s 80’s styles you don’t necessarily think of natural hair. Relaxers, Jheri Curls and weaves have taken the spotlight during this time period. However, Anna has been natural for her entire life after a traumatic attempt to relax her hair.

It’s quite apparent that she is not confident about her textured tresses as she is very mousy, jittery, barely makes eye contact, hunches downward and speaks in whispers. At her place of work she is surrounded by black co-workers that have assimilated to the dominant society’s standard of beauty with the exception of merely one character that is her exact opposite confidently wearing her curls.

After being bashed by her boss for the hair that grows out of her head she is convinced that she needs to spend nearly $500 on the latest style, a sew in weave to get the promotion she is so desperately seeking. She overcomes her fear of a salon visit, risks being evicted (she can’t afford this style) and goes to the top celebrity salon to get her install.

Things start to change for Anna for the better at first: more male attention, more admiration from her co-workers and then the job promotion. However, little by little things take a strange turn and Anna’s hair slips out of her control.

This is the perfect watch for a small adult Halloween movie night gathering or virtual viewing. No worries, if you do not do scary, it is more comical than anything else. It’s a bit gory at times though, especially the scene when she gets the install (I felt her pain), but frightening it is not.

Personally, I love the fictional “moss haired girl” old slave folklore that the creators tied into the film as it sends a very important message. This piece and the real life scrutiny that black women get over their hair is perhaps the only thing mildly scary about this film. It’s an interesting watch none the less, with a unique story line that we rarely see.

Have you seen this film? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t seen it yet will you watch it?

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