4c Hair Grows Long Here is Proof and The Secret Recipe Behind It

Regardless of hair type, you can grow your hair to long lengths with consistency and the right hair care methods. 4c hair does not necessarily grow slower than other hair types, it is just more fragile. This means you have to implement more measures to prevent breakage in order to see more length retention or hair growth.

Many 4c naturals who have long hair practice protective styling with simple styles like twists or low manipulation styles like a high puff.

The less you have to manipulate, comb or brush your hair the more length you will see. This is because every time you have to touch your hair you are opening up the opportunity for breakage to occur.

To smooth your ponytail fly aways down opt for tying your hair down with a scarf instead of brushing all the time.

Practice this simple formula:

That’s it, the secret recipe 🙂 Do this with consistency and remember that growth does take time.

Growing 4c hair does take some patience but the recipe to achieving long hair goals is not very complex. 4c naturals if your hair goal is long hair, you can do it! Stick to the formula and you can make it happen.

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