Winter is the Best Time for Protective Styling

Winter Natural Hair Care

The winter season tends to dry out your hair more than usual due to the lower temperatures. Therefore protective styling is the most ideal because it allows the hair to rest and maintain moisture. There are all types of different protective styles, such as braids, twists, buns and even hats. All of these styles retain length, because they require little or no manipulation. The more the hair is left alone the more it can grow.

Protective styles involve the ends being covered, so the hair is not out, which leads to dryness and/or breakage.  For example two-strand twists are great as a protective style because the ends are not exposed and the twist can last you anywhere from 1-2 weeks, even longer if you choose to add hair. Of course you will need to spray your hair with your favorite oil and/or water, but that’s it!

Braids are great protective styles when they are not tiny and tight around the hair line. Small (pinky-size) or medium size braids are great for protecting your hair from dryness and breakage. Also the braids shouldn’t be too long, because the weight can pull on your hair line.

Buns are great protective styles, because the ends are covered and it’s always creates a timeless look. A loose bun to the side or back creates an elegant look that allows the hair to rest and retain moisture. It’s a style that is simple and easy to do.

Lastly, hats can be used as a protective style as long as the lining of the hat is satin or a similar fabric. A wool hat would not work, because wool is very drying to hair and causes breakage. A satin-lined hat works best, because the hair doesn’t get snagged. Satin allows the hair to stay moisturized. If you can’t find a satin-lined hat then wearing a satin scarf under the hat works too.

There are other protective styles that you can do that will retain length and lead to healthier hair, but these are the most common. Protective styling is important if you want length retention or just healthy hair in general. Plus it can save you time and money, which is always a good thing.

Keep warm!

What are some of your favorite protective styles?

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  1. Just found this information and I really appreciate this being available. Needed to know what to do for the winter with my hair.

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