Just A Reminder: Live Happy!

how to be happy
It takes many of us years and years of living to figure out happiness is pursuit, not a given. In many circumstances you will have to choose happiness even though it may be easier to let obstacles get you down. Sometimes you have to even fight to be happy.

In life some things we simply have no control over. And it sucks! However, one thing we do have control over is ourselves and how we decide to respond to things.

I really love the message that LiveNaturallyLove‘s video sends. She gives a lot a great takeaways and pointers, but the biggest theme that resonated with me is the choices that we make.

2015 has been the year that I have slowly begun to discover choice and it truly is a powerful thing. Most of the time I often found myself down in the dumps because the majority of the time I had this feeling of helplessness. I felt like I was stuck, when in many situations I had options and the power to make a choice. The truth is most of time I was scared to make hard decisions and sometimes very scared to make simple ones.

I am still definitely not a perfectly happy person, but much better than where I was at.  I think I definitely struggle with what LiveNatuallyLove discussed in the beginning of her video. Sometimes I don’t really live in the moment or appreciate where I am at, I am always looking for the next best thing. In some ways, I think that can be a positive trait because it keeps me motivated to want more and to do more. However, often times we do need to take time to chill, just be happy for what have and stop focusing on what we don’t have.

Pursue happiness naturals, you have the choice! Even if things aren’t going so great for you right now, you have the choice to research your options and consider alternatives so you can make a better way for yourself.

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