How to Lay Your Edges Without Damaging Your Hairline

I’ll admit, I am a fan of laid edges. It elevates your styles and creates a nice neat look. But even though it looks great, laying your edges can also cause buildup, flakes and breakage over time. This is often a side effect of all the gel your using and the tighter the curl the more gel you tend to use. However, there are ways to get those smooth, sleek edges while still protecting your hair from damage. Here a steps you can follow to tame your edges while avoiding breakage.

Step 1: A Quick Spritz

The first step is to spritz your edges with a bit of water. Don’t do too much, you only want to slightly dampen your hair. Remember, whatever shape you form your hair into while damp will stay that way when dry leaving you with a smoother, sleeker style.

Step 2: Apply Moisturizing Product

You could honestly smooth your hair with just water but, as many naturals know, your hair will be very dry if you don’t use something to seal in that moisture. Since many gels can dry out your hair use a hair butter or your favorite leave-in. Apply a small amount of the product to your edges and smooth down with your hands. I personally use my leave- in to tame my 4C curls but if you must use gel opt for aloe vera gel. It’s less drying and is a great natural alternative.

Step 3: Tie It Down

After spritzing and applying your product, the last step is to tie down your hair until it dries (at least enough to set the style). Since your hair is damp it should take only 15 to 20 minutes to set your style. Make sure to use a satin scarf to avoid friction and frizz.

With these three steps you can get laid edges without damage. Just a quick tip, make sure let your edges breath once in a while because wearing your hair in the same style for too long could also lead to some damage.

3 thoughts on “How to Lay Your Edges Without Damaging Your Hairline”

  1. Be sure to use a pure silk scarf with a satin weave versus polyester satin. Silk is naturally non-drying to hair and the skin helping it retain moisture. It is also naturally temperature regulating which will allow any heat to release for those who sweat under polyester fabric. Using silk will add an additional assist with achieving smooth edges.I love to use a little castor oil on my edges before applying my silk scarf. Giving my edge a few minutes to set is crucial.

  2. Thank you for these great tips for smoothing the hair line while styling our natural hair in its kinky, coily or curly state. About twice a year, (in the Spring around my April birthday and in the Winter around the Holidays) I use a bit of heat to smooth out my 4B coils. During those rare times, while the hair is semi straight, water is not my friend. Please advise on the best product(s) to use to lay our edges when our has been straightened. (All the products that I would normally use for this purpose contain water.) Thank you!


      She’s Happy Hair makes a good edge control gel that comes in a jar. It smells really nice and has no petroleum oil in it.

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