12 Gorgeous Must See Bubble Ponytail Styles on Natural Hair

There’s no end to how creative you can get with natural hair and Bubble Ponytail styles prove it. It is a simple style that doesn’t take much effort, yet you can do some amazing things with this look. You can opt to do a basic everyday ponytail or turn it into an elegant updo style fit for a special occasion.

Before you do a Bubble Ponytail you will want to work with stretched hair. Even if it isn’t your goal to have a super sleek style, stretched hair will get you off to the perfect start. You don’t have to resort to blow drying if you want to avoid heat damage, as there are tons of options for stretching your hair naturally.

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To achieve the length and or fullness for this look, you can fake it until you make it with braiding hair. Xpressions braiding hair is a great brand to try. If you want to do just one Bubble Ponytail, 1 pack should suffice. More elaborate designs will require more packs of hair.

Pick braiding hair that matches your texture. Keeping it all natural? Make sure the braiding hair has a kinky texture. Going more sleek? Pick a silkier braiding hair. You want the style to have a unified and blended look.

Once you have gathered your hair into a nice and taught ponytail wrap the braiding hair around the base of your ponytail and secure with bobby pins. After you have pinned into place, to achieve the bubble effect you will want to have a few rubberbands handy. Wrap multiple rubberbands along the length of the ponytail. The more rubberbands you use the more condensed the bubble ponytail will be. For a more full chunky effect, place fewer rubberbands along the length and you can gently pull the sides of each section until it has the fullness that you want.

See our curated pick of gorgeous Bubble Ponytail Braids to get some style inspiration.

high ponytail with kinky textured bubble ponytail
bubble ponytail pigtails with fulani braids

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  1. I love and appreciate the natural hair tips and styles provided…….look forward to new ideas weekly. I have been natural since 2015 and I am continuously learning new techniques as I embrace my mane and the daily challenges it presents.

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