These Bob Braids Will Give You Life, Try This Style Idea!

Bob braids are stylish giving you the low maintenance without the time investment that comes along with longer braided styles. I myself love braid styles because of the convenience but I am finding that I can no longer do styles with very long hair they make me feel way too hot and uncomfortable. Bobs are a much cooler option and you are definitely not limited by the length because you can get pretty creative. Here are some of the best bob braid photos for some hairspiration.

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1 thought on “These Bob Braids Will Give You Life, Try This Style Idea!”

  1. Your ‘bob’ braids are all excellent. I am a bit shocked that all the images were of well-manicured and possibly photo-shopped professional looking people … except the two darker skinned women. The first is blurry and out of phase and the second shows a very pimply and unattractive forehead. Can we do better?

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